1 ride (10 min.) – 35 lei
Subscription 10+1 rides (10 minutes) – 350 lei

session (30 minutes) – 70 lei
Subscription 10+1 sessions (30 minutes) – 700 lei

1 session (45 minutes) – 90 lei
Subscription 10+1 sessions (45 minutes) – 900 lei

*Prices also apply for vaulting sessions.

It is a branch of riding in which the gym and aerobic exercises are combined with the balance, courage and love for horses. Vaulting is recognized as an Olympic sport.

A way to relax with your friends, wandering into the woods that surround the equity center.

Riding demonstration, spanish dressage, horse discussing, presentation of our horses and equity center, each person will ride a horse.

– 30 lei/person – 10 min ride

Your events turn into great memories, in the company of our beautiful horses.

– one horse
150 lei/30 min, 200 lei/60min

– one horse and a carriage
250 lei/h


The box stall (the space designed for the horses to stay) is placed in a large stable, with both natural and artificial light. It is made out of wood with wrought iron railing and wooden door. The box stall is equipped with it’s own mechanical trough for drinking and a fixed trough for food. It also has a cement floor covered with a 2,5 cm tartan carpet, specially designed for the comfort and the safety of the horse.

Feeding and grooming:

– Standard daily meal: 4 meals with forage (3 x alfalfa, 1 x hais) and 2 cereal meals (oats and barley); the portion is calculated for each horse.
– Wood chips or sawdust bedding (it is being replaced on a daily basis)

– Cleaning services for the box stall or horse whenever is necessary
– Walking the horse in the manege
– Each box stall is being equipped with a surveillance camera. The owner can monitor his horse permanently.
– Grooming, hygiene and medical surveillance
– Îngrijire, igienă și supraveghere medicală
– Shoeing and periodic checks
– Continuous surveillance assured by our staff

We provide andalusian and friesian horses for breeding. We own the breeding license.

New Ifor Williams Trailers Stock IW HB511 is a trailer that can carry two large cabalines, in maximum safety conditions. Features: ventilation hatch, partition wall, railing for the chest, gliding windows and a inspection window (for illuminating), a net for forage, camera surveillance during the entire trip, strong nylon hinges, door safety system, aluminum floor and rubber floor, spare tire, front and back access doors.

Just another way of relaxing, recreation and exercise on the trails from the surrounding woods.

10 lei/h/bike